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Venetian Plastering 3-day course

You will learn the most unique high-end finishes techniques that most Schools will not offer in there class and complete over 15 finishes during the 3 day course that are yours to take home. I will also demonstrate what not to do that you can very easily cause damage to your work and show you how to avoid these future problems.

During the class I will also discuss the way I prepare my walls and ceilings on my own projects and what works best for me when applying the Venetian plaster finishes that will be helpful when you are working on your own projects. As I guide you with the techniques you will find in time what makes you feel more comfortable when applying your own finishes with the assorted hand tools, buffers, hawks, trowels and knives.

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Enroll in our Venetian plaster course now by calling 954-397-3107 Fort Lauderdale FL & 239-264-8404 Naples FL or for more information complete and submit this Contact Us form.

If you are looking for a career change, owning your own company or a home owner that has experience in the decorative field or even just have the desire of learning a new skill; what you will learn in our class you can offer your clients more variety of elegant finishes or upscale your home with some amazing finishes that will truly be rewarding. You will enjoy making money and showing off your work that is deserved to be seen.

  1. We will work with heat guns creating Marmorino finishes of tree bark and Spanish hand finish textures.
  2. Old world finishes with multi layered Travertino Lime Plasters.
  3. Creating marble flagstone working with Marmo Antico slake aged lime.
  4. Italian Classic Effects working with Grassello Facile, a high polish layered finish.
  5. Creating Tuscan stone finishes working with Marmorino Classico.
  6. High polished, raised Banded finish.
  7. Raised plaster working with stencils.
  8. Textured polished plaster with the look of natural Travertine.
  9. We will be working with a variety of colored waxes and metallics.
  10. Creating abstract finishes using cheese cloth.

The Venetian Plaster course will be personally taught by the owner of Picasso School of Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering.

I want to let all of my students know that training and support does not stop after you complete the classes.

Everyone is more than welcome to contact me with any questions they may have if you are working on your job or residents.

I have enjoyed over the years creating beautiful finishes for home owners and place of businesses making people happy.

One of my goals is after the course is over that everyone is extremely happy what they have learned and is ready for their next chapter in their lives creating some of the Elegant finishes that you worked on in class.

Class hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

My goal is to go beyond your expectation what you will learn in class and achieve.

Please click on the Class Schedule to see the additional information and the price of the course.

Enroll in our Venetian plaster courses now by calling 954-397-3107 Fort Lauderdale FL & 239-264-8404 Naples FL or for more information complete and submit this Contact Us form.