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3 - Day Faux Painting Class

In this Faux painting course we are taking the finishes to a different level. We will be working with various hand tools, hawks and trowels to achieve unique and elegant finishes. For those who have no experience with hawks and trowels, do not worry, I will show you how to apply these finishes with similar tools. I will take the time to make you feel comfortable using alternate tools. We will be applying custom hand finish textures in Old World, Tuscan, Spanish and Mediterranean. We will be applying multi-color metallic paints over the finishes. Than we get very artistic working with cheesecloth and heat guns creating very unique finishes.

Some of the technics are similar to the Venetian Plaster advance class; instead we are working with drywall mud, paint and glaze. Нou will make 16 or more samples over the 3-day course in a variety of finishes that you can take home with you.

Most of the finishes we are creating has a slow process time drying in-between coats, we will always have something to do to keep busy. I will go over the way I apply my finishes into lids and angles that works best for me in what direction I work my walls and ceilings.

I will at some point during the training go over a slide show of some of my work of before and after photos of projects I was on, so it will be easier to understand the process.

Everyone will eventually find their own comfort zone that works the best for him or her. As you get more comfortable and familiar with the products, Faux finishing on the other hand can be tricky at times and in one wrong step you can literally destroy a wall or ceiling. I will also go over that during the class and show you what not to do. In the field, we call it a burn and a lot of the times it is hard to correct. It leaves a darker spot on the wall from everything else you did that was consistent. If you try wiping it off, it does not always work it just creates more of a problem. I will demonstrate how to correct the problem the best that I can, without having to do a wall or ceiling over.

The owner of Picasso School of Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering teaches this course and has over 25 years of experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at 954-397-3107 North Palm Beach FL.